Various authors have written concerning the MSUD. According to some, this condition is hereditary; hence children from families that have recorded this condition are more likely to be affected, as opposed to those from MSUD-free families. This was determined by checking the accumulation of the amino acids in the plasma of these two categories of children. As per the findings, dietary measures are more effective in controlling this condition. According to Donaldson, cerebral edema and metabolic intoxication are the main effects of this condition. This was established after doing amino acid tests on the blood plasma of the individuals under observation (Donaldson, 2012).

If the condition is controlled, it can ensure near-normal development, and even reduce the rates of hospitalization. This does not, however, prevent neurological deterioration. According to Menkes, individuals suffering from this condition should have effective medical care, a checked diet, and have their plasma amino acid levels monitored. If not well treated, the patient might show signs of hypoglycemia and acute ketoacidosis. An individual’s diet should have less branched-chain amino acid (Shellmer, 2010).

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Various authors have written concerning the MSUD
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