Research instruments

The research happened to be an involving undertaking in terms of time and materials. Some of the instruments that were used were: map indices, stationeries, Google tools, reference materials like books, search engines among others. The instrument helped me to come up with relevant data and incisive analysis on the subject.

Properties of naphtha

Naphtha was seen to be a colorless band and to some extent reddish brown similar to gasoline in appearance. It had a molecular weight of between 100 and 215g/mol with a density of between 750 and 785kg/m3. The boiling point was considered high ranging from 160 to 2200. It has an odor like that of kerosene. Naphtha is liquid at room temperature and pressure, insoluble in water and incompatible with many strong oxidizers.

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Uses of naphtha and industrial application
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Uses of naphtha and industrial application

Naphtha was used in production of motor gasoline in industrial networks. It was used as a cleaning fluid for most industrial solvents (Fourie, 23). Certain scientific practitioners used it as an oil painting media. Naphtha is an important ingredient in shoe polish. Others used naphtha as fuel for fire spinning or fire juggling or in gas turbine units. Some watch mechanics use it in cleaning watch parts (Kent, 1983).

Properties of olefins

Olefin fibers are bulky with low specific gravity. They have low moisture absorbing power. They however dry easily and quickly due to low melting point. Olefins are believed to be resistant to fire and chemical attack. Despite their inability to absorb dyes effectively, they color fast and are thus efficient in performance.