As indicated in the 2000 US census, the populations of children continue to be varied. As such, early childhood educators need to be equipped with diverse skills to work effectively in diversified linguistic and cultural backgrounds. In addition, institutions providing the essential skills for educators to work in diverse cultural backgrounds are less in relation to the required number of teachers and increasing population of children. Therefore, a lot are needed in terms of strategies, institutions and policy framework in order to address the challenges. Moreover, there is need for increased specificity around issues concerned with linguistic and cultural diversity. The statistics indicate that few teachers are equipped with specific skills regarding cultural and linguistic diversities of young children and their families. Even though the survey indicated existence of few programs geared towards cultural and linguistic diversities in children, there are needs to increase such programs to equip teachers with the necessary skills that enable them provide required standards of education and childcare particularly to the minority groups.

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US census, the populations of children continue to be varied
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