Before comparing the types of goods sold, it is important to first understand a number of terms. There are two main types of goods: low order goods and high order goods. Convenience or low-order goods are bought frequently, usually daily, and are not sufficiently high in value. Although the frequency of purchasing high-order goods is less, nonetheless, such gods often require a population with a higher threshold8. High order goods are generally more expensive and bought from large shopping malls where people can shop around and are exposed to a larger variety and choice.

Kanyon has a smaller variety of stores, as it is more of a socialisation venue as opposed to a shopping menu. This is evidenced by its many restaurants and large food court. In addition, the shopping mall has high end stores that target the wealthier members of the society. For this reason, the price of goods at these stores is usually above average. A number of the shops are designer boutiques and are said to sell “luxury brands”9. It is also the only place in Turkey where one can find the famous department store ‘Harvey Nichols’. This means that a wealthier crowd would find Kanyon more attractive for shopping in comparison with Metrocity, owing to the presence of such upscale shops as ‘Harvey Nichols’.

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