Transportation is one of the fundamental principles that affect the shape of the holy city “Makkah”. However; the system of transportation in Makkah has come through many steps that have significant changes in the foundation of Makkah’s plan as well as the pattern of the city. The first principle is camel riding, actually camels’ “cranes” are associated more with the trading of goods. To clarify that in the early history, movements from one place to another were very simple as using foot or animals such as camels, so by this kind of movement system the roads and streets at that time had to deal with that kind of system. For example, as you move into the roads that lead directly into the holy Mosque, you will experience that feeling of being included in the environment of the street with narrow access and multi-usage of the streets’ environments. Although the size of these streets is not sufficient enough, at some stages it does provide other essential factors that help movement flooding and provides different angles of shade. The second principle is the usage of cars, since cars began to move into the city, the streets became more and more widely as well as spreading the settlements of Makkah further from the interior city. These settlements have been linked with long streets and roads that go in a circle shape around the huge mountains. To sum up, nowadays Makkah’s streets have improved in different shapes and styles due to the technology, for instance, some tunnels go through the mountains so they have shorted the travel time.

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Transportation is one of the fundamental principles
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