To avoid chaos and ensure progress in combating corruption, anti corruption activities in Kazakhstani are systematically implemented through a series of programs. The Kazakhstani government sees the programming of anti corruption activities as a vital strategy that would not only ensure progress but also minimizing corruption from within the government. In this regard the government has instituted three major 5-years anti corruption programs in the last fifteen years. The end of the year 2010 saw the successful implementation of the fourth State Anti-corruption Programmed which ran from 200632. Objectively, the purpose of this program as well as others before it is to ensure that there was improved regulatory anti corruption framework, oversee the necessary legal reforms, and to popularize the necessary anti corruption initiatives amongst the Kazakhstani public. As explained elsewhere in this paper, these programs also ambitiously target the corporation with other international anti corruption agencies33

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To avoid chaos and ensure progress in combating corruption
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