Tissue and organ failure caused by burns and other types of injury on the human skin poses a major health problem, which has affected millions of people in the world throughout human history (Niklason and Langer 303). Burns is especially one of the major and most common causes of tissue and organ failure involving the skin. It is estimated that this problem accounts for about half of the total annual expenditure of healthcare in most countries, including the US. Currently, several options are available to treat tissue and organ failure resulting from major burns. For instance, surgical repair, drug therapy, transplantation (such as human or xenotransplantation), mechanical devices, and prostheses are available for application (Priya, Jungvid, and Ashok 105). Although these techniques have been used over time, they are less effective in managing the problem, especially in cases where the skin tissue or organ cannot be repaired or where long-term recovery cannot be achieved satisfactorily due to the extent of the burn (Pomahač ert al. 334). In fact, these methods cannot produce effective and satisfactory results in replacing the tissue (Lanza, Langer and Vacanti 123).

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