This technique is widely used for fragile, condensate and unstable oil reservoirs. However, nitrogen injection maybe induced under miscible conditions which tend to create a beneficial environment for vaporization when exposed to light. Previous studies indicate that the gas EOR is mainly based on gravity. This is an added advantage as it minimizes the overall cost of operation which would otherwise have been used to extract the oil from the reservoirs. Carbon flooding is also another fundamental technique applied in gas-based oil recovery methods especially in light sandstone oil reservoirs. The advantage of using gas-based oil recovery methods is that carbon can be drawn from both natural environment and industrial sources. However, this oil technique is not without challenges. This technique has attracted a heated debate due to the conflict of sustainability and global warming. Carbon dioxide is a major contributor of global warming. Its provision and usage in high concentration tends to increase global warming which further affects the global climate (Lee and Tripathi 7137).

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This technique is widely used for fragile
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