This electrochemical reactor comes with a unique geometrical dimension: there is a vertical movement of aluminum and the electric charge travel whilst the horizontal motion entails the movement of different gases, the solid alumina plus heat. To achieve an optimal reaction in the system, energy and mass should move in a horizontal pattern achieved through the homogenization of temperature and concentration–intensive components. The bubbles and MHD effects enhance the horizontal motion in the cell.

As the reaction proceeds, the bubbles (just like a motor) enhance the change from gravitational to kinetic energy and all this takes place in a horizontal kind of flow.

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This electrochemical reactor comes with a unique geometrical dimension
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The processes within the cell depend mainly on convection that takes place in the cell’s horizontal section. This means that vertical convection may not have a place in the process. When there is vertical motion occurring as interface waves or disturbance in the outer layer of the bath, a negative outcome may occur, which may include the reoxidation of aluminum, various electric shortcuts and other effects. A great challenge in the cell design is to minimize vertical movement and promote mixing within the horizontal plane.