There is one feature of SCNT that will ensure its continuity. It is the discovery that animals born from this procedure can be used in sexual reproduction and reproduce the next generation without defects (Wells & Laible, 2007). Furthermore, it was also discovered that even if the offspring shows signs of defects and are used for sexual reproduction the offspring does not have any evidence of genetic errors. This means that project directors can make the most out of the animals that are reproduced using SCNT.

From the point of view of extinction and the need to perpetuate the productive capability of prized farm animals, there is now no doubt that SCNT as a procedure in animal breeding will go a long way in terms of receiving attention from researchers and financiers. Cost is not a problem because of the value of these animals. Imagine what animal lovers and enthusiasts would pay for to see lion, bear, and eagle species that are near extinction. The goal is not mass production but simply the reproduction of an animal that is genetically the same. This will ensure the survival of the species. For the animals that are valuable in terms of what they can give to the farmers or the businessman, the capability to copy their genetic material is of great importance. As we know it is all in the genes.

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There is one feature of SCNT that will ensure its continuity
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