There are three different types of Formula One car tires. There is a tire for dry surfaces (F1- Country par. 1). It consists of “660 mm in external diameter and 350 mm wide with four longitudinal grooves of at least 2.5 mm reinforced with the Depth Regulations” (F1- Country par. 1). Tires have symmetrical grooves that run at the center with a gap of 50 mm. The dry tire for Formula One cars is a new concept. The dry tire concept has achieved limited ground contact and ensured firm grip from the rubber grooves and the track. The focus on tires aims to ensure safety of Formula One cars, especially when negotiating corners (F1- Country par. 1).

There are conditions such as moderate rain that do not necessarily require the use of wet tires and therefore intermediate tires are needed. Such tires are used in a wide range of conditions and tracks. For instance, they must remove water film on a drying track and remain stable on a dry track without wearing fast. For this reason, intermediate tires have sculptures (F1- Country par. 2).

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There are three different types of Formula One car tires
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There are also wet tires for Formula One cars. Wet tires are designed for rainy tracks and wet surfaces. They have greater constraints on compound. Wet tires are designed to “evacuate the film of water which infiltrates between the tire contact area and the track” (F1- Country par. 3). Too much water film may cause the tire to “lose grip, which could result in aquaplaning” (F1- Country par. 3). All different types of tires can be used in the race. While one tire is intermediate, the rest are suitable for soaked tracks. However, the race director must declare the track wet for such tires to be used in the race.

Additionally, most Formula One tires are filled with nitrogen-rich gas without moisture to maintain constant pressure irrespective of the prevailing temperature. Nitrogen is also used because it can hold tire pressure for relatively longer time than air