The waves have a specific energy, frequency and wavelength. The knowledge conveyed by the understanding of de Broglie waves has improved our understanding of the physical nature of the atomic scale. However, some people have different conceptions of the same information. Indeed, experts have differing views regarding the physical state of these waves. While some of them treat the “wave element” as the fundamental nature of matter waves, others believe its fundamental nature to be the “particle element” (Kubel 62-63). Such debates have emerged in different theories, such as the hidden variable theory, which treats both elements of the de Broglie wave distinctively (Kolessin 6-8). To clarify some of these issues, this paper explains the hypothesis underlying the conception of de Broglie waves, investigates the nature of de Broglie waves, and highlights the principles surrounding the generation of the waves.

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The waves have a specific energy,
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