The Taste Receptor 2 Member 38 (TAS2R38) is a gene that is protein in nature.3 The gene enables an individual to detect bitter tasting compounds like PTC. TAS2R38 is programmed into a G receptor that is protein- coupled. For the gene to realize this programming, the aforementioned receptor has to be a seven-transmembrane. In this case, the bitter compound, PTC, is the receptor’s ligand. In the process, the compound activates the receptor.

SNPs and Taste

Single-nucleotide polymorphism (herein referred to as SNP) is closely related to individual DNA structures. The polymorphism is a variation of an individual’s DNA sequence.2 The variation is brought about by a number of factors. One of the factors is the difference between the genomes of a given species. The difference between the genomes is brought about by a subsequent variation in their common sequence. A case in point is DNA fragments from two different people, ranging from CCTAAG to CCTAGG. In such an instance, the difference in nucleotides is brought about by the presence of 2 alleles. The distribution of this phenomenon among humans is evident. The distribution helps one appreciate the variations in human population. To this end, some scholars have found that a common allele may be rare in certain groups of individuals.2 What this means is that a trait that may be regarded as common in the general population may be rare in some sections of the same population.

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