The empty Hibind DNA mini column was taken through a special treatment procedure. It was centrifuged at 14000xg for 120 seconds. The procedure was carried out at room temperature. The step was aimed at removing any residual ethanol that may be present in it. The pilaster was moved to a clean 1.5ml micro-centrifuge tube and 50ul elution buffer, which had a temperature of 70C, was added into the HiBind membrane. Elution solution removes the DNA from the walls of the column and enables its collection at the end of the column. The contents were incubated for 12 minutes at 70C. The incubation was followed by centrifugation at 14000xg for a minute. After this, the addition of elution solution and centrifugation was repeated. The eluted DNA was now ready for the next process of gel electrophoresis and spectrometer analysis. The procedure was repeated using samples of 0.4g, 0.42g, 0.41g, 0.8g, 0.88g, 0.86g, and 0.82g using 100ul elution solution

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The step was aimed at removing any residual ethanol
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