The resistance of these foods to some pathogens may be a weakness to allow for attacks by other pathogens. Levels of toxins in GMOs also increase due to reactions of the natural genetic composition of the organism with that of the inserted gene. What is the case for people who are allergic to certain food materials? What happens to them when they consume foodstuffs containing food elements to which they are allergic?

Some people are allergic to protein, which means that they are negatively affected by the consumption of protein elements (Starr, Evers, and Starr 33). However, Rifkin observes that, when genetic engineers inject protein genes into certain plants to improve certain qualities, they do not relay such information to consumers (22). A consumer may eat certain vegetables containing milk genes without information. Such a person’s health is negatively affected by the protein element. Interfering with someone’s health without any consent is unethical. A person who is aware of his or her health condition avoiding certain foods may consume GMOs containing the same allergic substance without consent.

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The resistance of these foods to some pathogens
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It is also unethical to make consumers buy products made out of Genetic science even when they are not for it. Genetically modified materials are sold without proper labels in various shopping outlets. Customers always buy the products without information on their genetic composition. Such a move is unethical. Rifkin is for the idea that GMOs may reach humans in the form of food without their approval (22). Living things are very volatile when they are let into the environment.