The periodic operation in FT has been known to provide a platform through which the chain of hydrocarbon that grows in the surface of catalyst is removed. Usually, the role of periodic operation in Fischer-Tropsch process is to help in maximizing the production of diesel. The focus of this project is on the investigation of the role of periodic operation on the Fisher-Tropsch synthesis, especially on product distribution and activity of the catalysts used in the synthesis.

Motivation of the project

Following the increased demand for fuel products that are low in sulfur, there is need for a process that will ensure that such demands are met. Even though FT has been considered one of the most reliable processes in the transformation of liquid fuels of high value, it is important to consider the use of alternative approaches in FTS to ensure that the final products aligns with the market demand (Silveston, Hudgins and Renken 2000). For this reason, periodic operation is considered a suitable approach in this case. However, few studies have addressed the impact of periodic operation on Fisher-Tropsch Synthesis. Thus, this project is motivated by the need to provide in-depth analysis of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis under periodic operations and cobalt support on silica nanosprings in micro reactor. As such, the project will analyze the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis with a key focus on the effect of periodic operation on Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis.

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