The materials and methods section comes after the results and discussion sections, which is unusual as most papers usually have the materials and methods section appearing before the results and discussion. Bits of information on the experimental procedures are also given alongside the results. There is an order in the experimental steps followed by the researchers since each step is illustrated under its subheading. The experimental design followed by the authors makes it easy to answer the research questions. In addition, the procedure lists the materials and equipment employed in the research. This information is adequate to enable one replicate the experimental procedure. The methods are explained systematically except in cases where given protocols are used. In such instances, the names of the authors who first developed the protocols are mentioned, for example, the preparation of astrocytes follows the procedure described by McCarthy and de Vellis in 1980 (Wang et al. 2011). However, it is difficult to determine whether the sampling is appropriate or inappropriate since the researchers do not mention the number of samples analyzed. The statistical analysis section describes the statistical tests performed on the results as well as the statistical parameters used in the study, which are means and standard deviations of various experimental procedures.

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The materials and methods section comes after the results and discussion sections
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