As its position, shows temporal or principally responsible for the hearing process. Its functions include identifying sound waves giving meaning to those sound waves as well as help in remembering sounds. The sensory function of this lobe is operated by the superior temporal gyrus. Temporal superior guidance is the structure within the time that gets the sound via the ear. The functions of temporal lobes are-

In the region where it is linked with the amygdala and hippocampus, the temporal lobe is essential for generating the memories related to the senses. It also helps in forming of visual memory Bank.

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It also functions in interpreting the concept of the objects which can be seen. For a view to being effective, it must also be understood that what our eyes are watching. The part of temporal law which is responsible for providing the meaning of the scenes we came across daily is the ventral lobe. If there is no ventral lobe, we cannot see the face or able to learn body language.

The temporal lobe also helps and producing speech. Dysfunctioning of this area of the brain may cause difficulty in speech.

Language recognition is also the function of the temporal lobe. This region of the brain helps in interpreting the language without this region one would not be able to provide a name to the things, remembering words for learning the language.

This temporal lobe also does control the unconscious and seemingly spontaneous responses.

Maintaining the homeostatic condition within the body, which requires the help of the brain, is the function of the temporal lobe.

Control of Temporal Lobe
The temporal lobe present within the brain does not work independently. It communicates to the different regions of the brain and functions in sending as well as receiving the signals to the spinal cord and helps in communicating to the rest of the body. Any kind of damage with these temporal lobes can, therefore, disrupts the functioning of distant organ and damage to the organ that is not fully aligned with the temporal lobe can impair their ability to receive and process the various type of signals. This lobe has control over many-body systems. The temporal lobe is strongly influenced, and it contributes to many bodily functions such as heartbeat, anxiety, and all of the alike States. Any kind of disturbance within these regions may result in a disruption in the body’s functioning. The examples include any trauma in childhood that can put a person within a condition of chronic anxiety that helps in keeping them in the condition of fighting or sometimes running away. This causes the replenishing of body hormones which includes cortisol and may lead to serious inflammation as well as health problems which include childbirth.