Following the demographic changes issues of early childhood education including needs and challenges as well as cultural issues in education are critical considerations. Early childhood education encompasses various stages in education system including head start, prekindergarten, kindergarten and childcare. To the early childhood educators, Latino populations are constantly underserved (Guzmán, 2001). Therefore, with the continuous increase in population, policy frameworks consisting of possible actions are needed to address and improve early childhood education and care services for the Latino populations.

The high growth in population of the minority groups are aggravated by the poor economic conditions worsening the situations of the early childhood education. According to the population census, minority populations have high rates of underemployment, unemployment and low-income in relation to other groups (Guzmán, 2001). The economic situation of minority groups increases the impossibilities of attaining the best services for early childcare and education. The census indicates that children under the age of five from the minority groups constitute about 30% of children living in poverty. Under such economic conditions, children are likely to get the best services particularly at the early stages of their education life (Guzmán, 2001).

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The high growth in population of the minority groups
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