The formation of cancer involves several steps. Due to unregulated division of body cells over many successive generations, the cells develop abnormally over and over. With time, they gain new potential to perform certain functions such as release of growth factors and different types of enzymes. As the cells continue growing, they affect their neighboring cells which eventually cause complete or reduced dysfunction of the affected organs. This is usually followed by a critical step where new blood vessels are developed. Through these vessels, nutrient supply to the cancer cells is facilitated as well easy movement of the cancer cells throughout the rest of the body.

The next stage involves development of the solid tumor itself. Although all cancers do not have these steps when developing, these are the general steps that occur in many cases of cancer development. At each of these steps, the cancer cells may progress or may even lessen. However, for cancer to develop completely, mutations must occur and the abnormal cells be alive and continuously dividing as well. Activation of mechanisms to repair DNA can prevent or terminate the development of cancer cells (Ginger, 2008, p. 1).

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The formation of cancer involves several steps
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