Undertake a SWOT and PESTLE analysis on a chosen organisation and use the

results to analyse the main e-commerce related opportunities and challenges it has faced

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as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and evaluate how successfully it has addressed



Task 2.

Evaluate how the organisation has adapted its overall digital marketing activities in order

to attract new customers and retain existing customers and identify TWO (2) specific

digital marketing initiatives that have been particularly successful, giving the reasons for

your choice. Explain how these digital marketing activities have been used to support the

unique selling point (USP) of the organisation.


Task 3 –

Examine how the growth in sales and/or customer base has posed supply chain

challenges for your chosen organisation and the ways in which it has sought to overcome

these challenges in order to provide high levels of service and fulfilment.


Task 4

Using your research, identify TWO (2) social media channels that the organisation uses to

help develop its online communities. Explain the reasons why each of these TWO (2)

channels have been selected and the benefits they provide in terms of achieving

enhanced communication and interaction with these communities.


Task 5 –

Identify whether the organisation’s e-commerce site has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

certificate AND if its payment systems are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security

Standard) compliant. Define the key characteristics of both features and discuss how they

can help customers to have confidence in the security of the e-commerce site.


Task 6.

a) Evaluate the ways in which the organisation has sought to develop and use its

brand as an important element of its overall e-commerce strategy during the



b) Using your research, identify and briefly describe TWO (2) features of the e-

commerce site that you believe are particular strengths in terms of meeting the

needs and expectations of the site’s target audience(s), detailing the reasons for your choice.