The dromedary is much lighter species. It usually ranges from 300 to 600 kg. in weight with females being usually smaller than males, but because of its longer limbs, it is only slightly shorter than the Bactrian camel, reaching 1.9 meters in height. It is also more short-haired, does not have a prominent beard or mane, and is visually more lightly-built. Finally, it has one hump, which is much bigger and taller than that of Bactrian camel.

Both species are well adapted to the extreme desert conditions. Aside from the humps which are used to store calories and metabolize them when needed, the internal organs of camels are very efficient at conserving water. The kidneys preserve water from being wasted during urination, so the camel’s urine is thicker than that of other species, and its feces are dry enough to be used for burning at once (Feldhamer et al. 210). In addition, the hooves of camels are wide and flat, suited for traveling the sandy deserts.

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The dromedary is much lighter species
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