The disease has no known cure yet but treatments have been developed. The first step is infection prevention because the diseases can be passed from one person to another. They are various types of CF causing pathogens some deadly than others and in all types segregation of the infected persons is important. Washing hands properly also prevents infections as well as proper sterilization of health equipment in hospitals. The environment is also decontaminated to prevent the spread of germs (O’Malley, 2009). Other treatments involve the use of antibiotics to fight the bacteria that cause lung infections by keeping the airways clear but prolonged use can lead to the development of drug-resistant bacteria. Mucus thinning drugs are also used to loosen the thick sticky mucus in the airways. Oral enzymes, bronchodilators, bronchial airway drainage, improved nutrition, gene therapy and in chronic cases lung transplant (Keyes, Lassiter & Roberts, 2006). The treatments have raised the life expectancy of CF patients.

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The disease has no known cure yet but treatments have been developed
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