The discussion section is adequately supported by the results of the study. For example, the authors assert that astrocytes triggered by lipopolysaccharides exude certain substances that are responsible for enhancing the rate of propagation of NSCs. This assertion is corroborated by the mean cell viability of NSCs grown in the presence of various ACMs. In addition, these observations agree with previous studies on the molecules produced by activated astrocytes (Wang et al. 2010, p. 48). Wang et al. show how the outcomes of their investigation relate to previous studies regarding the role of astrocytes in the multiplication and development of NSCs (2011). The authors fill the literature gap on the effects of triggered astrocytes on NSCs under inflammatory conditions. It is obvious that astrocytes triggered by inflammation largely influence the fate of NSCs compared to unstimulated astrocytes. These claims are substantiated by clearly outlined results. In addition, the assertions are in line with the findings of earlier studies performed on mesenchymal stem cells. Overall, the discussion section of the paper fulfils the aims of the investigation. However, the authors do not arrive at a clear-cut conclusion following their investigation

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The discussion section is adequately supported by the results of the study
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