The design of the FinFET transistor used by Intel is, however, slightly different from that of the conventional transistor. For example, the transistor has a rather unusual triangular shape. Traditionally, FinFETs are rectangular in shape.6 The chips containing the Intel-made transistors are yet to be availed in the market. However, scientists around the globe have termed the use of such chips as revolutionary. The chips have great potential in terms of improving the quality of new devices produced using the technology. It appears that FinFET is the future in the production of semiconductors. The triangular design of the new FinFETs will help in improving the structural strength of the new transistors. The triangular design’s improved switching performance is attributed to its design. The triangular prisms of the design, when compared to the rectangular prisms of the traditional design, have a higher area-volume ratio thus increasing the surface area in which the electrons flow.

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The design of the FinFET transistor
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