Solar energy has been identified to be the best alternative to fossil fuels particularly due to the benefits associated with solar energy. Typically, solar energy has been harnessed using different technologies and in the recent past, has experienced an exponential rise in enhancements and use particularly in areas that are remote and not connected to the national grid of power supply in addition to the relatively lower cost and portability of the devices.

That formed the basis for the rationale for this project in the design and Implementation of DC-DC boost converter based on the operational functionality of the photovoltaic cell and other system components. The project begins with a research into solar energy particularly the photovoltaic cell, its historical development, and the behavior and modular design and construction of the PV cell. it goes further to detail on alternative devices that are available in the market that can be used to harness solar energy, mathematical relations of the behavior of these devices, its schematic design and construction, and weaknesses that may be inherent in the system, concluding with a discussion and future prospects and projections about harnessing solar energy.

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