Some firms ask for customer’s mail address or mobile number to directly contact them for the next sale.

What firms do is, they direct mail or call customers about new sales, about any new offers, or discounted sales so that their customer base remains with them for long. It has been seen in reality too, that these firms do everything to make customers attract towards their firm. As seen in the image, firms make a list of regular customers to whom they send these offer related mails as and when it happens. They make sure that the regular customers get every new offer and discounted sales too. They give these offers to only their regular customers but not to the mass audience.

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In non-price competition, the delivery of product plays an important role. Today, as people are getting busy in their work, life seems to have less time for going to market. So, some firms make the products available at the customer’s doorstep. As seen in the image above, a delivery boy knocking on the door for giving the product ordered at an online platform. So many companies are starting this delivery service to give better options to customer if they purchase their product. Some firms even deliver it for free at some occasions and at some specified conditions. It helps them increase their sales without increasing price and giving customers a better and satisfied purchase. This delivery phenomenon is working increasingly because now most of the people prefer modern way of shopping rather than traditional one. So now, firms are investing in making a speedy online delivery system for their customers. In upcoming years, this will grow more quickly.

Advertising is the most used method under non-price competition. Under non-price competition, advertising is used to attract customers with some benefits shown in the advertisement of product, so that they got to know about the product more and what benefits it is now being given to its customers. Advertising help firms to find the right amount of customers for their product. A lot of firms spend billions on the advertisement just for the sake of earning customers. If we see from the point of view of customers, advertisements have its own advantages and disadvantages. Advantages for the customers are, that they get to know about the product more and the kind of upgradation to the product. Disadvantages for the customers are, that they are not sure about the reliability of the information shown in the advertisement. Through advertisement, they also convey the kind of extra services related to the product offered. Therefore, advertisements help firms to compete with each other without increasing price.