1. Petco black-oil sunflower seeds: The black–oil sunflower seeds attract many different types of birds such as the “chickadees, doves, finches, goldfinches, grosbeaks, Northern cardinal, nuthatches among others” (National bird Feeding Society, par. 4 ). The black oil sunflower seeds have high quantities of oil than other seeds. They also have softer shells that are easier to open by many small birds (Sharon 3).
  2. Petco mixed blend: This consists of different types of seeds mixed together. This type of feed is meant to attract different types of birds as many birds will find their favorite seeds in the blend (Sharon 3).
  3. Two thistle bird feeders: This is a long tube type hanging bird feeder that has small openings that prevent food wastage. It is used to attract birds such as the “goldfinches, purple finches, house finch and pine Siskins” (National bird Feeding Society, par. 5 ).