The biggest factor affecting the culture of Mecca is a pilgrimage. This is where Millions of people visit Mecca every year from places with different cultures. They, therefore, have an impact on the culture of local people in Mecca. The holy city of Mecca is a city of diverse cultures, where some pilgrims coming from different countries, especially poor, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, and Ethiopia, and some countries in South and North Africa prefer to stay in Makkah. It can also be noted that there is diversity in customs and traditions among the inhabitants of Mecca, such as food and tone.

The physical environment in the traditional neighborhood of the city of Mecca has contours and narrow roads where the design of old buildings supports social life dramatically. This does not support the movement of vehicles but supports the movement of pedestrians in large numbers. On the other hand; the new neighborhood supports the movement of vehicles. It is characterized by the new neighborhoods in the city which provide roads and longitudinal positions for cars.

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The biggest factor affecting the culture of Mecca is a pilgrimag
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