The application of eugenics has potential dangers because it provides humans with the capacity to dictate the existence of other humans whom they deem as undesirable, unhelpful, and worthless. In essence, eugenics would result in discrimination of people with certain attributes against others who do not have those attributes. Hence, one foreseeable danger of eugenics is increased discrimination of people based on their physical, social, economic, intellectual, and behavioral attributes, which are subject to eugenicists. Another foreseeable danger of eugenics is erosion of ethics with respect to human dignity because of the negative eugenics. The people whom the society deems as unfit would be extinct by the 22nd century, if the modern society accepts eugenic practices, both negative and positive ones. Koch (2011) argues that eugenic practices make life an object rather than the subject of science, and thus degrading its value among the population. Thus, the foreseeable danger is that eugenicists and the society would eventually lose human dignity and subject the human population to pain and torture.

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The application of eugenics has potential dangers
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