As the weight on a certain beam is steadily augmented, the maximum stresses will happen at the intense fibers of the most feeble part of the beam. At this state, the exterior fibres are in the plastic state and every raise in weight will lead to substantial enlargement in strain level and consequently deflection at that particular point of the beam. Additionally, rearrangement of stress occurs. At this point, it is presumed stress is invariable in the plastic section. Once the structure achieves a plastic state across the entire cross-section, any additional loading will lead to extreme stress i.e. “enlargement in the curvature at that part and a plastic hinge will be developed” (Romero et al, n.d, p. 3). A single or extra similar hinges are necessary for the total collapse of the structure. The actual number is determined by the kind of structure and if it is, for instance, a supported beam, stiff beam, or a fitted beam. The value or amount of load/weight needed to generate this state is what is known as “The Collapse Load and the ratio of the Collapse Load to the Working Load are called the Load Factor” (Roylance 2000, p. 4). In plastic structure, this feature (factor) is employed as an alternative to the ordinary Factor of Safety.

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The actual number is determined by the kind of structure
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