According to Mayo Clinic Staff (2010), urinary tract infection starts in the urinary system. The Kidneys, bladder and urethra form the urinary system. This system can become infected, but most infections involve the bladder and the urethra, which form the lower urinary system. Microbiologists can confirm a urinary tract infection by testing a patient’s tissue sample to identify the microorganism responsible.

This experiment will employ some tests including agar streaking and differential split agar plate, which isolates and differentiate the bacteria responsible for urinary tract infection (Friedman et al. 1991). Strain testing that involves performing biochemical testing and colony morphology and gram stain to identify responsible organism (Mortensen 2009). Antibiotic sensitivity testing that includes setting up of sensitivity plates (Dennis Guttmann 1963).These tests are done to ascertain the degree of sensitivity or resistance of organism isolated from patient’s tissue sample to an appropriate variety of antibiotic drugs.

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Tests including agar streaking and differential split agar plate
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