Business entities and manufacturing units offer their customers a service package including varieties of add-on activities. These are the supplementary services that companies or businesses provide to their customers to gain value. It helps organizations by providing the differentiation that enables them to stand as an independent, successful firm in the industry. Supplementary strategies allow brands to have this wide opportunity to develop effective transnational strategies and enhance brand value. A supplementary service can be graphed in various industrial categories. They are information, consultation, hospitality, safekeeping, billing and payment, and more. As various industrial categories come under the concept of providing supplementary services, some categories do not surround supplementary services. The products’ nature, product demand, and competitive prices are major factors that help managers discover which type of supplementary services should be offered. They evaluate the usefulness of services that they may add as supplementary to enhance the market value and make business practices easy within the organization.

Market positioning is one major determination for supplementary services. To gain a competitive edge, strategies require adding up more supplementary services. Adding additional services but a higher level of performance on them needs to be provided by the businesses. While focusing on developing a global strategy, management must decide which services require global attention while tailoring to meet local needs. Their decision completely depends on the expectations and competitive dynamics considering standardization against the customization. In place of physical goods, services reflect better opportunities for flexibility in this respect. Also, regular telecommunication services get modified by including supplementary services such as redirection of calls to another number. The consequence of the supplementary service is that it cannot be offered as a standalone service. It tends to be offered in association with a regular service in any sector. Many industries that provide supplementary services seem to be offering common services depending upon the regular services they provide in general. Researchers have generally used the attribute method as a technique to describe supplementary services.

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