Strengths and weaknesses of the research method

A qualitative method is an effective method in examining the social phenomenon, especially where the population of the participants is heterogeneous. In addition, it avoids the problem of using a statistical significance to develop a conclusion in cases where the real finding does not agree with the statistical finding. In other words, the qualitative approach attempts to use the quality of the aspects that describe, define or characterize the phenomenon. On the other hand, a relatively long procedure requires the researcher to examine the participants, develop keywords or issues and use them to examine the nature of the phenomenon.

What could have been done to improve the study?

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Strengths and weaknesses of the research method
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Although it is clear that the study provides evidence of the role of mentors in crime, it is clear that it was done based on the findings of a previous research study that attempted to examine other aspects of crime. As such, it is recommended that the researchers use a direct approach in which they will develop a strategy based on either ethnographic or grounded theory approach and use it purposely for examining the phenomenon. In addition, it is possible to improve the presence findings by developing an additional study to expand the sample by including other provinces apart from Quebec in order to generalize the findings to the entire Canadian population.