Several problems can be experienced by the cabin crew because of an increased expansion of gas that comes with decreasing pressure. This includes hypernoxia and hyperventilation. Patients with these problems may show the following signs, confusion, numbness dizziness, clammy skin and nausea. Although these conditions have almost similar signs, the major difference is that hypernoxia may show up later as compared to hyperventilation. Another condition common in flights because of decreased pressure (meaning possibility of decreased amounts of oxygen) is hypoxia. The same environmental conditions leading to hypoxia can lead to a decrease in the tension of arteries a condition referred to as hypoxemia and a rise in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood a condition referred to as hypercapnia. All of these conditions are caused in one way or another by a decrease in atmospheric pressure. For example, hypoxia conditions can be experienced because of the inefficient gaseous exchange process at the membrane of alveolus. Decreased atmospheric pressure, decreased oxygen concentration in the air and obstruction of internal air paths can lead to this condition. (McLellan, n.d, p. 10

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Several problems can be experienced by the cabin crew
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