Seed germination is a complex process, which is under the control of many environmental conditions such as temperature, moisture content, oxygen concentration, salinity, and pH, among other factors. The germination process is complex because the seeds break their dormancy and sprout into seedlings by utilizing stored nutrients under favorable environmental conditions. Usually, optimal environmental conditions increase the rate of seed germination. In this view, pH is a considerable factor that affects the germination of a seed because it disrupts physiological processes that are integral in the germination process (Zhang 1621). The concentrations of H+ and OH– in water determine the level of pH in a given environment. A higher concentration of OH– than H+ causes the pH to be basic, which means the level of pH is between eight and fourteen. In contrast, a lower concentration of OH– than H+ reflects the acidic state, which implies that the level of pH is between one and six. In a natural environment, the pH is about seven, which is a neutral level where the concentration of OH– and H+ are equal.

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Seed germination is a complex process
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