Chao, Wilhelm, and Neureuther (2009) bear witness of the prevailing state of dishonesty in the education system. Their research addresses the prevailing state of plagiarism in the pedagogical approaches especially in regard to the assessment of students. They evaluated various pedagogical strategies initiated to reduce this upcoming vice as well as the use of software programs, Turnitin, and online checkers of plagiarism.

For instance, Turnitin is a submission platform that allows students to make single submissions of documents without sending documents from other students. The researchers found that there were significant differences between the controlling group and the one being treated. This outcome depicted that lack of enlightenment was an important factor playing roles in the prevalence of plagiarism. The skills instilled to the treatment group involved the ways of paraphrasing and documentation. This finding implies that there is a requirement for deep instructions and directions on citations, quotations, and paraphrasing.

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