Flexural strength: A sample which implied using warm water showed flexural strength 2.98 Mpa, chilled water 1.80 Mpa. Thus, their ratios to the value of the sample with no additive (1) are 0.351 and 0.582 correspondingly. When analyzing the samples’ flexural strength in detail, it is reasonable to consider a difference in the samples’ dimensions: 0.08/0.034/0.015 for the warm water sample, and 0.08/,0.35/0.018 for that of cold water, which means that the ratio of (from the flexural strength formula) is 10457.52 and 7054.674 correspondingly; their ration is 1.482, while the flexural strength values ratio for is 1.657 for these two samples; the rest difference is related to the difference in weight used in the experiment (19 and 17 kg correspondingly).

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Ratios to the value of the sample with no additive
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