Radiation is one of the most common treatments of BCC; this procedure involves r-ray beams that are directed to the affected area for several weeks. This procedure does not involve surgery and it is mainly used on patients who are aged or have low immunity. The cure rates for radiation are at 90% but can lead to prolonged visits and radiation risks too (Stockfleth, Rosen, & Schumaak, 2010).

Photodynamic therapy is another form of treatment mainly used for patients with multiple BCCs. A photosensitizing agent is administered to the tumors through a daily application, and then the medicated areas are brought to activation using a strong light. The treatment damages the tumors causing little or no harm to surrounding areas but patients become photosensitive for around two days; thus, they must keep off from the sun during that period in order to realize a cure rate of about 70-90% (Stockfleth, Rosen, & Schumaak, 2010). Nevertheless, early detection is the most important remedy in order to offer the most effective form of treatment.

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Radiation is one of the most common treatments of BCC
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