The modern application and development of ‘smart’ materials is reduced to the use of super-elastic effect of shape memory ingots. Hence, the medical application of the metals also relies on its pseudo-elastic property; this field takes advantage of such qualities as corrosion and biocompatibility of nitinol (Pons 101). Those ingot metals are applied in producing glasses with frame made of shape memory alloys. Such glasses can undergo significant transformations and suffer a minimum of losses. Shape memory alloys are also applied in the field of nuclear technology. They are used for protecting people working in a radiation environment (Rosinski 826).

Drawing a conclusion, shape memory alloys can be considered as one of the most important discovery in the field of technology and science. Their unique properties of elasticity and shape recovery have greatly contributed to the improvement of various fields of social and economic life. The studies of microstructure have also revealed other issues that should researched in future, as some of the properties are still concealed. In addition, shape memory materials are rather fascinating, as they have a potential for further application.

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