It is also important to note that, though plants through the process of photosynthesis produces oxygen, they will only survive for a few days without oxygen even if everything is provided. If this goes on for sometimes they cannot stay alive. Plants differ from animals due to their abilities to make their own nutrients through the process of photosynthesis. Through this carbohydrates is produced and it’s broken down by plants to get energy. During this process food is created and a reaction is needed so that the created food can be broken down into usable form, and this process requires oxygen, water and nutrients (Wittwer, 1992).

The above discussed can also be applied to people where by they cannot survive without plants. Plants and animals are the two main kingdoms of life. The Earth consists of more than 300,000 species of plant and they can create their own food by means of energy from sunlight. All oxygen is generated by plants. They also make life on the Earth possible by providing humans with food as well as building material. This plant kingdom has different species which can be grouped into; mosses and liverworts, ferns, cone plants and flowering plants (Wittwer, 1992).

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Plants differ from animals due to their abilities to make their own nutrients
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According to me life is made possible by plants for example forests and grasslands which supplies oxygen. According Scientists and conservationists if deforestation goes on without control the survival system on the Earth will be injured. In addition to this plants also act as source of food to the people for example fruits, leaves, roots and tuber, seeds and barks too. Plants can also be seen contributing to the survival of the people whereby they make seeds which are transported to different places of the world spreading it. They are sources of energy, People also depend on plants by exchanging gifts in form of flowers, plants be of assistance when it comes to people surviving the harsh conditions.

Plants reduce the amount of noise in the urban setting and add the aesthetic value to the environment. They also contribute towards the ecology of an area by their roots stabilizing the soils which prevent soil erosion. They also reduce the speed of wind which is mostly used by farmers and provide them with income.