the ways in which paragraphs or statements appear as plagiarism would be illustrated. Lastly, the examples and feedbacks of these practices would be provided. In an accrued society, this understanding may be a core determinant in the development and establishment of an innovative community. The research by Davis applies a case study of plagiarism in oxford Brookes University in UK. On the other hand, quasi-experimental design was applied in the case of Chaos where 42 and 41 students worked as the test groups for level 1 and 2 respectively. The research by Chaos was set up for the investigation.

The therefore followed all the strategies of randomization or alternative technique where it is not available. This aspect implies that the outcomes can be applied for use in other places and the education programs. However, the data used in the research by Davis uses secondary data from a university. The right and required specification of randomization were at the disposition of the university strategies. The conditions of the data collections could have been affected internally. This makes the research findings limited. The outcomes cannot be generalized and may be highly unreliable.

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