Patterns of evolution scientists argues that humans evolve by selection just as organisms. These scientists have taken their evidence from a study conducted on 39 individuals that was used to describe their genetic variation as well as the variation of between chimpanzees and the humans.

According to the pattern of evolution scientists, human evolution happened too fast because of the rapid increase in some genes. They add that the fact is, over a span of time irrevocable gene pool changes in all species. Humans are experience natural selection pressure but at a lower degree in contrast to other organisms.

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Patterns of evolution scientists argues that humans evolve by selection just as organisms
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On the other hand, humans take comprehensive measures that control birth rates; this controls evolution. Hence those considered having strong genes are not in a position to give them to the next generations. Through technological advancements, human is able to manage numerous advancements in medicine. Through these advancements humans who was once unable to get children being in a position of getting one. Humans are in a position to transform what is beneficial and what is not from time to time and are often unpredictably.

They have the ability to pick out certain effects as good or awful attributes and the ability to determine on what to use and what cast off. Evolutions have crafted human judgment and have become biased in judgments towards previously adaptive things. We have the potential to easily customize and improve our environment to suit our wants as humans. This makes it easy to bear up temperatures other organisms are not capable of. Human bodies are able to adapt to temperatures on every position of the earth. Humans do not have any natural predators, logically meaning they are not forced to evolve natural defense mechanisms for their survival from other organisms seeking to prey on them.