This practical was to identify microorganisms that are responsible for the urinary tract infection in the patient and to establish suitable remedy for the condition using antibiotics. The gram stain test revealed existence of staphylococcus- aureous. The specimen showed sensitivity to antibiotics.

Using the microbact 12A system to identify the pathogenic bacteria, a positive reaction in glucose and mannitol tests, but a negative reaction in Xylose test indicates the presence of Staphylococcus species, which live in areas of high salt concentration.

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Oxidase test shows organisms that secretes cytochrome oxiase enzyme
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Oxidase test shows organisms that secretes cytochrome oxiase enzyme. Cytochrome oxidase is involved in an electron movement link as it transfers electrons to oxygen from donor molecule. Oxydase reagent possesses a chromogenic agent, a compound that when oxidized, changes color.The reagent turns blue within 15 seconds if the organism tested produces cytochrome oxidase. It is a test used to determine if an organism cytochrome oxidase (MacFaddin (ed.) 2000).