Olefins were produced during the cracking of oil and petroleum products to produce gasoline or olefins. The polymer, in this case, naphtha, was melted to a liquid state by going through a furnace process. It was then run through a spinner. The spun mixture was forced through small holes to produce long fibers. The fibers were useful in making fabrics. Naphtha contained long-chain synthetic fibers which were broken through the application of heat. Olefin fibers were produced through a conversion process that involved ethylene and propylene. The olefin fibers constitute approximately 85% of ethylene, alkene, and propylene. The addition of the dye to the spinner content was done before its melting. The melting of the polymer was done by subjecting it to a spinneret. It then went through water or cooled air.

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Olefins were produced during the cracking of oil
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