The theory of natural selection has been interpreted by some politicians from various countries and races in a way that brings conflicts to other countries and races that are believed to be minor. Nations have engaged in conflicts and the weaker ones have been destroyed and some of their citizens even killed. Also, individuals from some minor races and other minority groups have been discriminated against and killed in the name of natural selection (Rama 2001). Natural selection does not mean that those who have the capacity to eliminate others do so. The unfit should be eliminated naturally by other forces in society. The Europeans in the nineteenth century for example used Africans as slaves and later conquered the African countries. Politicians argue that these behaviors are natural and inevitable. Some races were seen to be less evolved than the Europeans. These individuals- especially the Africans- were seen to be closer to the apes than all other beings. Terrorist activities were conducted on the minority groups and individuals would justify their activities on the basis of natural selection (Sewell 2009). The theory of natural selection had it that the civilized man could replace the savaged races. Adolf Hitler used this theory to perform a mass destruction on individuals he believed to be unfit when he formed a socialist state. The theory has been a source of conflicts and destruction on humans and property (Kent 2004).

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Nations have engaged in conflicts and the weaker ones have been destroyed
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