The people of Perth will be found doing various activities in Australia’s most famous shopping mall which is the Rundle Mall and is named after the South Australian Company Director. It lies on Rundle Street and an interesting fact is that most of the Perth community’s landmarks and streets are named after some eminent businessmen who lived around the 19th century. Back then, most retailers lived in the Rundle Mall before it was upgraded to its current status in 1976. This mall is home to various business premises, government offices, an art gallery and museum, the walk of fame, parliament house, Scots church, and many other treasures. The Rundle Mall is a perfect representation of ancient architecture and most people from the Perth community as well as tourists will be found here marveling at this exotic structure. There are several eating places here and this takes us on a journey through Australian varied cuisine that includes that of the city of Perth (Rundle mall, 2010).

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