My partnership with carbon forms compounds such as methane and butane, which undergo combustion in engines to produce energy that propels these engines. I am also used to generate electricity in fuel cells when I react with oxygen. Apart from fuel, I am an essential constituent of hydrogen peroxide that is often used as a bleach or wound disinfectant. Due to my weight and density, I am the most suitable gas in filling of balloons. The manufacturing industry also finds me very handy because I am a prerequisite in the manufacture of other chemicals such as ammonia in the Haber process, methanol and cyclohexane. I like to occupy any vacant spaces in the structure of unsaturated organic compounds and for this reason I am vital in the hydrogenation of fats and oils. In addition, I am useful in welding under water because I can produce hot flames with temperatures as high as 2000 oC.

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My partnership with carbon forms compounds
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