Marcia Hewitt (2006) talks about that the meaning of health to aboriginal people is in contrast to the western meaning of well-being. Marcia Hewitt (2006) delivers that it is a multi-dimensional concept which affects all aspects of living. Marcia Hewitt (2006) describes in her paper that The National Aboriginal and Island Health Organization presents the definition of health as “it is not just the physical well being of the individual but the social emotional and cultural well-being of the whole community. This is a whole of life view which includes cyclical concept of life” (Marcia Hewitt 2006).

Marcia Hewitt (2006) additionally says that Eckermann et al (1992) investigate that at the time of colonization indigenous people were not having any major issues related to any diseases rather they were leading a healthy life which was in contrast to the vast population of the British. Marcia Hewitt (2006) says that in a semi nomadic lifestyle, Indigenous Australians could use the land and its resources freely with which they used to compose their traditional medicine and due to this the Australian population was very healthy and well nourished but after some time this hale and hearty population became the sickest minority group in Australia (Marcia Hewitt 2006).

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