The aesthetics of a mall proves to be important when a shopper is deciding on where to shop. A majority of the respondents to the current survey said that the reason why they preferred Kanyon was due to its more ‘pleasant’ environment. The architectural design of Kanyon is modern and ambitious and as such, a lot more shoppers are attracted to it. Figure 8 shows that Kanyon has a very dramatic architectural structure, and this tends to draw people’s attention. In addition, unlike most malls in Turkey, it is actually outdoors. The open structure of the building gives a more relaxed atmosphere that is not only ideal for shopping but is also a good setting for the many restaurants located in the mall.

Most shoppers are discouraged to go shopping in crowded shopping malls, which can be stuffy. Due to its open structure, Kanyon allows for a comfortable setting for shopping or socialising despite it being crowded at times. In addition, the shopping mall provides its shoppers with the privilege of outdoor shopping. Since most of its walkways are covered, shoppers are comfortable shopping even under bad weather conditions such as rain or snow.

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Most shoppers are discouraged to go shopping in crowded shopping malls
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When Kanyon was being built a lot of emphasis was put on its architecture. Its developers partnered with different groups including Tabanlıoğlu Architects and The Jerde Partnership of Los Angeles. This was a smart move as a more aesthetically pleasing structure would not only attract more people but it would also pull the high end consumers that Kanyon targets. With this target group, there is the likelihood additional spending on shopping in companions with the middle income earners, because their disposable income is higher. Overall, a buildin